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Tomb Raider has always been a game about progression of a formula. The original Tomb Raider, released in 1996, introduced gamers to a platforming game style that also included explorations, puzzles, and action sequences. Platforming games existed before, but they did not bring all of those together in a unified way the way Tomb Raider did. Combine that with a main character that had such obvious…assets, and you had a formula for a game that broke into the game scene like a brick through a glass window. Every game following in this franchise has followed the same model, though the various developers expanded the plot, or improved the graphics, or made other refinements, the core gameplay stayed the same. Then, in 2003 Eidos Interactive released Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, developed by CORE Design Limited. The two developers promised changes, but did they deliver? Well, that is a question up for debate. www.iwantcheats.net offer a wide range of advanced warfare hacks .

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is pretty much the first game of the franchise released in joint between a console system and a PC system. It was the first attempt in the franchise to leverage the more powerful options available in those systems and they promised a more cinematic experience for gamers. On some level it managed to accomplish this, but in others the game seemed like it failed miserably.
From a graphics perspective, TR: The Angel of Darkness does show it’s next-generation pedigree. The step from Playstation to PC and Playstation 2 is obvious. CORE Design Limited provides cinematic cut scenes, smooth menus, and the in game graphics are equally improved. This may be a Playstation 2 game, so its graphics are a touch aging, but they pay attention to detail in this game. The environments are beautiful, and they pay attention to the little details that current gamers come to expect. They push the system’s limits in order to make the game…pretty, which considering the pedigree of the game is expected.

The rest of the game follows the same old Tomb Raider formula. This time Lara is being accused of a criminal conspiracy, and thus spends the game hunted. Really the plot turns into another excuse for the game to send the player all over the world in order to find the supposedly one or two items that will clear her name. The adventuring locations are familiar, the ‘find the puzzle item’ gameplay is familiar, even the gun fighting is familiar. Even though it looks better, this is definitely a game for the fans that know what they like and just want more of it.

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness was an exercise in enhancing graphics. Gamers were just getting used to high quality visuals, good sound, and expansive settings available on the new systems, so CORE Design Limited obvious focused on that so they could give gamers the most attractive game they possibly could. Overall, this game is now in most bargain basement bins for the console systems, and for those looking for a fix of Lara’s amazing…assets, this game might be a good purchase.


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